The Ministry of Health is proposing amendments to the Dentists Regulation, the Dental Hygienists Regulation, the Denturists Regulation, and the Dental Technicians Regulation.

The proposed regulatory amendments are intended to better align the regulations with the Health Professions Act model, which is characterized by two elements: scope of practice statements (concise generalized descriptions of what a profession’s activities and areas of practice are), and restricted activities (a narrowly defined list of invasive, higher-risk activities a profession is granted authority to provide). Read more

There have been some small expansions in scope of practice made after a careful review of the evolving professional practice of these professions. Some of these proposed increases in scope include: the removal of the "365-day rule" for dental hygienists and denturists, the de-regulation of mouthguards for sporting activities, and the ability for denturists to make adjustments/repairs to prescribed dentures without a subsequent examination by a dentist.

Additionally, amendments have been made to the regulations to clarify that unregulated persons cannot perform the restricted activities that fall under these professions (unless authorized) and to ensure that colleges have the necessary authority to act when unregulated individuals provide these services.

The notice period that is required by the Health Professions Act before the proposed regulation amendments can be brought into force began on August 30, 2019.

Notice is posted on the Ministry of Health’s website at:

The Ministry of Health requests that any comments on these proposed regulation amendments be submitted no later than December 2, 2019.

Please submit comments by e-mail to:

Professional Regulation and Oversight Branch
Health Human Resources and Labour Relations Division
Ministry of Health
1515 Blanshard Street
Victoria, BC

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